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The State Theater is a Gainesville treasure, with a 100-year history in the town. At its 1919 grand opening, it was christened "the Majestic" by its owners, the Harrison Brothers.

Theater ownership changed hands somewhat quickly in its early years, first to the Kirkpatrick family and then to Henry Bertram, Joe Poole, and W.I. Greenhill. Almost twenty years later, entrepreneur A.V. Wade refurbished the Majestic and reopened it to th public. Tragedy struck in 1938, however, when two fires left the theater's interior nothing more than ashes. The town rebuilt its beloved theater, renaming it the State - the moniker it retains to this day. As the State, the theater was indeed a mecca for local entertainment; many locals fondly recall going to see movies at one of the State's twin theaters as children or young adults.

In the 90s, though, tragedy faced the State a second time when the building faced possible demolition. Local businessman David Jones took an interest in the theater's architecture and historic significance to Gainesville. Upon purchasing the property in 1997, he began a major three- year renovation to restore the State Theater to it majestic origins after its having been all but destroyed by vandalism.

The Jones family reopened the State Theater in December 2000, much to the delight of local theater goers. In the  years since its reopening, the State has been the venue of a myriad of theatrical performances. From local productions of Grease and The Wizard of Oz, to award-winning one-act plays, to summer-night screenings of classic movies, to musical tributes to the Beatles, to weddings and receptions, and almost everything in between, the State Theater has proven itself as one of Gainesville's most unique and worthwhile historical gems. For more information or to book the theater for your next event, please call 940-665-2721 or send us an email via our contact page.

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